QueerofGender Will Be Missed

2017 Update!

QueerofGender has returned, please visit their website here: www.queerofgender.org

QueerofGender (All one word) or QofG was a grassroots organization and online transnational visibility project, dedicated to affirming and acknowledging the various genders and gender expressions within Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities.

The organization started in February of 2014 and based out of the Greater Toronto Area (The Region of Peel). It celebrated the plethora of experiences we face as multi-issue folks whose experiences of gender do not fit so neatly within the rigid confines of the white, cishet-patriarchal gender binary.

QofG believed that the lack of gender diversity in the mainstream looks to erase our gender journeys. Moreover, when gender outside of the “norm” is validated by mainstream society, it is white/white-washed, non-disabled, colonized, documented, etc. - seemingly “acceptable” representations of what they feel we should be and not who we really are.

Therefore, QofG was created to serve as sacred space for racialized LGBTTQQ2SIAP+ folks and all of the other names we call ourselves, whose experiences of gender and race are marginalized.

QofG stated "Let’s celebrate, affirm and archive our stories, achievements and the intricate, complex ways we view and experience ourselves."

The vision of QofG was fourfold:


Providing a platform for the various voices, experiences and narratives within our communities.


Unapologetically celebrating and affirming all of our communities' experiences of gender


Decentralizing whiteness and other narrow and oppressive narratives around our identities.


To nurture and sustain sacred space, online or otherwise, that promotes knowledge-sharing, accessibility, accountability, compassion and love.

QofG is Suspended

Unfortunately in November of 2015, QofG suspended their visibility project. The site's founder left the following message:

Hey everyone,

So we have gotten a few emails and notes about our irregular posting schedule as of late. So I’ve have decided that as of this post, QueerofGender will be suspending its visibility project. 

That means until further notice, there will be no weekly or bi-monthly profile interviews or submissions published. 

With all of the travelling and overall busyness I’ve been experiencing in the last few months - plus a host of other health and personal issues - this space has been seriously neglected. Weekly posts are just not sustainable for me right now on a physical and mental level. And I’m not sure how long until they will be.

However, this won’t be forever. And until we start up again, check out all of our past features in the navigation bar!

Yours Truly,

Lynx Sainte-Marie
Afro+Goth Poet and QofG Founder Extraordinaire.

Farewell QofG, you will be missed!