QofG Submission: Ignacio Rivera (NSFW)


Introduce yourself! Who are you? What should we call you?

Hello, Hola and Takaji! I’m Ignacio Rivera aka Papí Coxxx. You can call me Ignacio, IG or Papí. I was conceived on the island of Boriken (aka Puerto Rico) and raised in the “melting pot” of Brooklyn, New York–currently living in Baltimore, Maryland. I identify as a Black Boricua Taíno. In addition to English, I speak Spanish (sometimes Spanglish), small amount of the Taíno language (still learning), and some sign language. I’m 40-something. I’m a pensive person, sometimes to a fault. I’m a libra always struggling to balance the scales. I’d like to think I’m a compassionate person, a community oriented person, a mentor, a friend and a person who likes the simple things. I struggle with anxiety disorder and PTSD. I’m a survivor. I’m sober and I’m spiritual. I’m also known for a variety of other things. I’m an activist, writer, filmmaker, educator, sex(uality) liberationist, sex worker, performance artist and mother.

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QofG Profile Submission: Justin Rodriguez


Introduce yourself! Who are you? What should we call you?

My name is Justin Rodriguez. I pronounce my first name as either Justin or Justine, but it’s still spelled as Justin. I’m a 27 year old activist and community organizer. I consider myself to be an amateur poet as well.

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The return of QofG: Thursday, September 18th, 2014!

Hey all!

We will be back to our #QueeringThursday weekly posting schedule as of Thursday, September 18th, 2014. 

Are you ready!?

We are always looking to showcase two-spirit and queer/trans* folks of colour and their lives, stories and work.

If you haven’t already, check out the ways your can submit content to our very popular profile submissions segment or a blog posting, artwork or other creative submission to our new general submission segment. 

For more information or all the amazing content we have to offer, check us out!

Thank you for your support!

- Your Curator

QueerofGender.com’s Grand Re-opening Sept. 2014!

Hey everyone,

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who stuck by QofG and emailed in letting us know how much they missed the site. That and all the well wishes for good health and strength.

It was wonderful to read those emails. Thank you!

So QofG will be re-opening as of September 2014 with a new look and a new format. Here a some of the new changes:

  • We will be requesting articles about gender and the QTPOC experience on top of QofG profiles so if you have any article ideas that you feel fit with the theme of our site, please send us an email.

  • We will be resuming our segment #PuttingFemmesFirst…but possibly under a different name. Hmmm. We will let you know.

  • We will be having a logo contest at an undetermined date with a prize! Woot!

  • Lastly, more moderators will be added to edit content and promote the site widely.

Thanks for the support and we will see you in September!


Queer of Gender will be taking a hiatus for a couple of weeks so that it’s curator can deal with some pending health issues. We are STILL accepting profile submissions for when we resume in the future so please feel free to send those in. However, we will be on hiatus until further notice (So no weekly profile submissions or tweets for now).

Thanks everyone for the support during this difficult time. Please feel free to send us asks, to contact us at queerofgender@gmail.com or contact us at any of the other number of ways on the right sidebar.

We love you!

- Your Curator

QofG Profile Submission: Troy Jackson

image Introduce yourself! Who are you? What should we call you?

I’m Troy Jackson a Nova Scotian Afro-Metis Recording Artist, Writer and Performer who resides in Toronto.

How do you identify in terms of gender, sexuality, gender expression, etc?
I identify as a Gay Man. My gender expression is a mildly flamboyant, gay man who embraces his femininity. I love to mix it up. I am a Gemini and a twin.

What are your personal pronouns? 

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