About Us

Queer of Gender is a blog dedicated to affirming & acknowledging the various genders & gender expressions within Aboriginal/ First Nation/ Indigenous People & People of Colour communities. Based in the Greater Toronto Area (Peel Region), It showcases the plethora of experiences we face as multi-issue folks whose genders do not fit so neatly within the rigid confines of the cishet-patriarchal gender binary.

The lack of gender diversity in the mainstream looks to erase our gender journeys. Moreover, when gender outside of the “norm” is affirmed by mainstream society, it is white/white-washed, able-bodied, colonized, documented - seemingly “acceptable” representations of what they feel we should be & not who we are.

Therefore, this site serves as a sacred space for us as two-spirit/2spirit people, queer/trans* folks,intersex folks, genderbenders, genderfucks, crossdressers and all others whose experiences of gender & race are marginalized.

Let’s look to 
celebrate, affirm and archive our own stories, achievements & the intricate, complex ways we see ourselves. 

We Are Queer of Gender & We Exist.